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Model: Turbiscan AGS
NSX: Formulaction - Pháp

Hệ phân tích độ ổn định hoàn toàn tự động, kết hợp Turbiscan LAB và hệ thống robot lấy mẫu, đo mẫu

High throughput screening is more and more useful to shorten the formulations time-to-market. Turbiscan AGS integrates the Turbiscan LAB stability analyzer, a robot, a storage station and a smart software for automatic sample handling and reporting. This concept enables automated management of aging tests from sample storage at different temperatures to shelf-life analysis.

Key benefits:

TURBISCAN is the world reference technology for physical stability analysis. The Aging Station solution combined with intuitive software and highly reliable measurements makes Turbiscan AGS an irreplaceable tool for any laboratory use.

The instrument scans and files sample information using a bar codereader. Multi-user interface automatically processes and sorts the data providing an excellent solution for Quality Control requirements in terms of traceability

TURBISCAN technologies are compliant with International Organization for Standardization guidelines for the characterization of dispersion stability (ISO/TR 13097).


  • Automated aging station. Samples are stored and transported to the instrument to analyzed atomatically, results are then reported without user intervention
  • End-user stability conditions
  • Measurement of stability & size
  • Turbiscan Stability Index (TSI) scale

Technical features:

Technology S-MLS 880 nm
Sample Cell Volume 20 mL
Temperature range RT - 60°C (3 racks) 
*90°C on demand
Number of Samples 54
Maximum sample conc. 95% v/v
Measured size range 10 nm - 1mm
Reproducibility / Repeatability 0.1 % / 0.05%
Acquisition scan step 40µm
Automatic sample recognition (bar-code) Yes
ISO Certification TR 13097 Compliant
Dimensions 145 x 75 x 85 cm
Weight 50kg