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Model: ez AFM+

NSX: NanoMagnetics Instrument - Anh


The ezAFM is a robust, compact Atomic Force Microscopy system which capable of providing high resolution images. The ezAFM is versatile and has numerous applications in materials science, biology, chemistry, physics, industrial and aerospace research. While Ease-of-use and pricing make it ideal for high school and university teaching laboratories, the capabilities and performance of the ezAFM have attracted more advanced users from some of the more important international institutes, universities and industrial laboratories as well.

The ezAFM operates in Dynamic Mode, Contact Mode, Lateral Force Microscopy, Magnetic Force Microscopy and Liquid Mode. User may purchase a system with one standard scan mode or optionally up to a maximum of 5 scan modes.  These additional modes can be purchased later, if needed.  When purchased, the ezAFM package typically includes a controller, scan head, vibration isolation unit, laptop, user tool kit and a cantilever starter pack.  Users may install the system by following simple plug and play instructions as described in the manual.  Software installation and system tests are made from remote by our ezAFM-Application Scientists. Installation is followed by some training in making simple measurements.

ezAFM Design


ROBUST & FLEXIBLE:  The design of the ezAFM allows users to replace/exchange the scan heads easily, safely and frequently.  Each system can have scan heads for different scan size, Z range or air/liquid mediums. 

EASE-OF-USE: In most commercial AFMs, replacement of the cantilever can be a daunting task for the user as it involves realigning the laser and photodiode after each cantilever exchange.   Nanomagnetics Instruments Limited has made this routine simple and easy by utilising the fact that there is a vast range of commercially available cantilevers which have alignment grooves on the back side of the chip.  Specially designed ‘alignment chips’ are incorporated in the design of our scanner heads, in such manner, that when the cantilevers are mounted, they will locate in the exactly the same position with respect to the laser beam thereby eliminating the need realign the laser or the photodiode.

COMPACT & PORTABLE:  With a footprint of only 70cm x 30cm (including the laptop), the ezAFM requires little operating space.  It is light and comes packed in a durable pelican case for easy transportation or storage.  The microscope can also be placed in a glovebox in situations where enhanced environmental control is required.  

VERSATILE:  NanoMagnetics Instruments offers two different scan heads for the ezAFM for operation in ambient conditions. The ezAFM120 scan head has a maximum scan area up to 120x120x40µm and is best suited for samples with rough surfaces and it provides a 0.2 nm resolution in Z.  The 40um Z range is much larger than that offered by most commercial systems allowing for imaging of a greater range of corrugated sample like textiles, fibres and paper pulp. The ezAFM40 scan head, on the other hand, has a maximum scan area is 40x40x4µm and with a 0.02nm resolution (in Z), which will allow you to scan single layer graphene surfaces.   Additionally, although the typical sample size for the ezAFM is 10x10x5 mm, it can be easily reconfigured to images very large surfaces.

A separate Aqua Head is available for imaging in liquid environment.  Both air/liquid heads may also be integrated with an Inverted Light Microscope (ezAFM-ILM) of your choice.


Scanner Option:        ezAFM120                  ezAFM40                    ezAFMAqua
(for liquid  medium)

Scan Range:              120x120x40 µm          40x40x4 µm                40x40x4 µm
XY Resolution:          Tip dependent,            Tip dependent,            Tip dependent                                                 
                                        Typically<5nm            Typically <2nm            Typically <5nm

Z Resolution:             0.2 nm                         0.02 nm                       0.02 nm

For All Options:

Cantilever:                 Standard commercial cantilevers with alignment groves for adjustment  free laser/detector alignment.
Optical Microscope: Built-in USB camera; 8MP, 2µm resolution.
                                    Field of View: 390×230 µm
                                    Camera Pixels: 3264×2448
                                    Video rate option: 30 fps

Controller:                 24 Bit ADCs/DACs
Noise Floor:               65fm/√Hz

Feedback:                  Digital, FPGA/DSP
Connection:               USB interface
Sample size:              10x10x5 mm (configurable for unlimited sample size)


Modes:                       Dynamic, Contact, MFM, LFM Dynamic & Force measurements
Software License:     Unlimited number of users and free life-time updates