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LÒ NUNG 9 LÍT, 1200 oC

Chia sẻ: 

Model: L 9/12

NSX: Nabertherm - Đức

* Features:

Heating from two sides by ceramic heating plates.
Ceramic heating plates with integral heating element which is safeguarded against fumes and splashing, and easy to replace.
Housing made of sheets of textured stainless steel.
Dual shell housing for low external temperatures and high stability.
Exhaust air outlet in rear wall of furnace.
Solid state relays provide for low-noise operation.
Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions.
NTLog Basic for Nabertherm controller: recording of process data with USB-flash drive.

* Specification:

Tmax: 1200 oC
Inner dimensions (W x D x H): 230 x 240 x 170 mm
Volumne: 9l
Outer dimensions (W x D x H): 415 x 455 x 515 mm
Connected load: 3 kW
Electrical connection: 1-phase 
Weight: 35 kg
Minutes to Tmax: 90min