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Model: Turbiscan TOWER
NSX: Formulaction - Pháp

Máy đo độ ổn định tối đa 6 mẫu cho một lần đo

Turbiscan TOWER is the new flagship product of the Turbiscan range for full characterization of the colloidal stability of concentrated dispersions (emulsions, suspensions, foams). 6 independent measurement positions allow simultaneous comparison of formulations for faster and better understanding of destabilization mechanisms (creaming, sedimentation, flocculation, coalescence..). Measurements can be performed from 4 to 80°C to accelerate destabilization process or to reproduce storage conditions. An improved mechanical design and vertical set-up offer an improved performance and smaller bench footprint.

Key benefits:

TURBISCAN is the reference technology for physical stability analysis. With hassle-free sample preparation, intuitive software and highly reliable measurements, TURBISCAN has become an irreplaceable tool for any formulator.

The instrument works with up to 6 samples at a time (disposable glass cells of 4 or 20 mL) and  allows the analysis of foams and viscous products thanks to specially designed measurement adapters.

TURBISCAN technologies are compliant with International Organization for Standardization guidelines for the characterization of dispersion stability (ISO/TR 13097).


  • Wide concentration range, up to samples with concentration 95%
  • Accelerated aging conditions, temperature control from 4 oC to 80 oC
  • Measurement of stability & size
  • Turbiscan Stability Index (TSI) scale

Technical features:

Technology S-MLS 880 nm
Sample Cell Volume 4 or 20 mL
Temperature range 4 - 80°C
Number of Samples 6
Maximum sample conc. 95% v/v
Measured size range 10 nm - 1mm
Reproducibility / Repeatability 0.05% / 0.05%
Acquisition scan step 20µm
Automatic samples recognition (bar-code) Yes
ISO Certification TR 13097 Compliant
Dimensions 35 x 45 x 90 cm
Weight 45kg