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Model: Rheolaser COATING
NSX: Formulaction - Pháp

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Rheolaser COATING enables simple and sensitive monitoring of microstructure evolution during a film formation process. The instrument precisly identifies open time, touch-dry time, dry- hard time or curing time... Without any contact with the sample, it is possible to characterize various products, such as coatings: paints, inks; polishes, resins. The open set-up allows the use of any kind of substrate: glass, metal, ceramic..

Key benefits:

Using MS- DWS technology makes Rheolaser COATING the most sensitive and accurate instrument available for coating drying properties determination.

The instrument operates at Room temperature but can be used in temperature conditions up to 60°C (heating cabinet).

The open instrument configuration allows to use Rheolaser COATING with Automatic Coater to fully control applied thickness or Vacuum plate when analyzing drying on paper .


  • Up to 4 simultaneous measurements
  • Contact free technology
  • Drying properties characterization
  • Measurement on adapted substrates

Technical features:

Technology MS-DWS 650 or 850 nm
Applied thickness 5 µm - 3mm
Simultaneous measurements 1 to 4
Temperature range RT
Measurement time Seconds to Days
Automatic application Compatible with automatic coater
Dimensions 70 x 60 x 62 cm
Weight 45kg