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Model: PURISTER 100

NSX: Cryste - Hàn Quốc

* Features:

Top loading autoclave used to sterilize a variety ofapparatus and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam at 121℃
Safe and trustworthy autoclave
Intuitive, easy-to-use digital controller
Icons display the sterilization progress and equipment status, so you can check the status at any time.
Also, two LED windows allow you to check the temperature and time at the same time.
Durable equipment for longer lifespan
All materials of the liquid contacts, such as inner chamber, steel basket and door, are made of stainless steel to minimize the risk of corrosion..
Appearance that takes up less space in a neat design
Compact internal structure and sensuous design make it easy to install in any space in the lab.

* Specification:

Inner(L x H)
 450x 650 mm
Out(W x D x H)   650 x 650 x 1210 mm
Capacity  100 L
Weight(Kg   153
Controller Standard : Digital PID controller
Inside Material Stainless steel plate 304
Outside Material Epoxy powder coated steel plate
Basket Material Stainless Steel Basket (2EA included)
Exhaust Bottle Material HDPE Bottle (1EA included)
Temperature Range Ambient to 131℃
Temperature Sensor Type PT 100Ω
Sterilization Temp. 121℃ at 1.2Kgf/cm2
Pressure Gauge ~ 4.0Kgf/cm2
230V ± 10%, 50-60Hz, 1Phase
Power Consumption   4,500W
Safety Over heat protector, Earth leakage circuit breaker, Water level sensor,
Pressure safety valve, Emergency exhaust valve