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NSX: Cryste - Hàn Quốc

* Features:

Shaking incubator which provides aeration-agitation environment suitable for cell culture
Shaking incubator with refrigeration. The built-in refrigeration system is designed for widelysupporting from low  temperature experiment to high temperature.
A variety of options for shaking platform.
Transparent plastic door for easy observation.
LEDs that do not affect the temperature inside the chamber. Light makes it easier to observe the chamber without affecting the internal chamber temperature with a low heat LED light inside.

* Specification:

Inner (W x D x H)  505 x 550 x 420 mm
Out (W x D x H) 
540 x 875 x 575 mm
Platform (W x D) 450 x 450 mm
100 Kg
Controller Standard : Digital PID controller, Auto - turning 
Inside Material Stainless steel plate 304
Outside Material Epoxy powder coated steel plate
Door Material Polycarbanate
Shaking Platform Universal tray + Sticky pad (4EA/Set)
Temperature Range Ambient to 131℃
Temperature Sensor Type PT 100Ω
Temperature Wait On Timer 59m 59s/ 59h 59m/ Continuous
Temperature Control Forced convection(Direct heating & cooling)
Temperature Motion Clockwise
Shaker Speed Range 20~300 RPM at floor / 20~200 RPM at table
Shaker Wait Off Timer 59m 59s/ 59h 59m/ Continuous
Shaker Throw 25 mm
Compressor 1/5HP, Non-CFC
Power 230V ± 10%, 50-60Hz, 1Phase
Power Consumption,
Safety Over heat protector, Fuse installed noise filter, Heat protective barrier of controller box,
Cooling fan for motor