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Nhà sản xuất: Stakpure - Đức

Xuất xứ: Đức

* Features:
- Reliable supply of ASTM types I 
- The standardly supplied OptiFill dispenser:
• enables one-handed dispenser operation
• can be detached and is ergonomically shaped
• can be turned and is height adjustable
- Simple and economical filter replacement
- Clear view of controls with graphics display
- Leak detector is standardly included
-Complete with integrated pressure reducer

* Standard system components

Compact housing with easily accessible operating and service hood that enables simple replacement of spent material in a few seconds.Pressure reducer unit that is individually adjustable and purified water resistant
Wide-range power supply unit with automatic adjustment to 48 V that can be internationally used.
Quiet running, long life recirculation pumps (< 40dB) for complete recirculation through all parts that contact medium right up to the dispenser tip.

Integrated pretreatment set that protects against contaminants in the feed water – a guarantee for cleanliness and economy.
Ultrapure purification set for removal of remaining traces of inorganic substances and ions
Quality rinse valve for the complete disinfection of all parts that contact media and for quality rinsing in interval mode
Multi-language microprocessor for the control and monitoring of all operation and performance parameters
Dispenser with adapted microfiltration that ensures sterile ultrapure water dispensing directly at the point of use.

Online TOC measurement acc. USP (option)

UV-unit with 185/254 nm wavelength for highest microbial cleanliness and TOC-reduction (option)

Integrated ultrafiltration unit for the retention of endotoxins, proteins, DNases and RNases (option)

* Microprocessor control

Multi-lingual microprocessor control with graphics display and colour change from green to red when a fault message is given.
Individual setting possibilities for conductivity indication (MΩ x cm or µS/cm) and language (German/English).
Multi-level conductivity and temperature monitoring for permeate and purified water, temperature compensation with continuously adjustable limiting value setting.
Automatic matching to an integrated reference resistance prior to each measurement for USP conformity and high precision, plus possible switch-off of temperature compensation.

Automatic disinfection menu for easy and convenient disinfection of all parts that contact media for guaranteed microbial purity.
Permanent monitoring of the UV unit and leak monitoring with display of faults and automatic safety feedwater cut-off.

GLP conform data acquisition via an RS-232 interface with adjustable sending interval, date, real time clock and serial number

* Specification:

- Feed water requirements:

Water prepared by ion exchange, reverse osmosis, electrodionisation or distillation

Feedwater temperature:                    +2°C to 35°

Feedwater pressure:                          1 to 6 bar

Manganese and iron content:            < 0.05 mg/l

Input conductivity                               < 30 µS/cm

TOC value                                          < 50 ppb

- Type 1 ultrapure water (Hand dispensing)

Ultrapure water conductivity:             18.2 MΩ x cm ≙ 0.055 µS/cm
Dispensing performance:                   up to 2 l/min.
TOC value:                                         5 - 10 ppb* ( 1 - 5 ppb**)
Particle and bacteria content:             < 1 CFU/ml

*Dependent on the feedwater and regular disinfection

** with the use of UV lamp

- Technical data:

Ambient temperature:                       +2 to 35°C
Supply voltage:                                  90-240 Volt / 50-60 Hz
Total connected load:                        0.1 kW
Connector Inlet/rinse tube:                d8 mm
Dimensions:                                      W 390 x D 525 x H 720 mm
Weight:                                              20 kg