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Model: Vantage

Hãng: Aapptec – Mỹ

The Vantage is a Versatile Parallel Synthesis Instrument for Preparing Peptides and Peptomimetics.

Numerous amino acid and reaction vessel configurations

Temperature-controlled amino acid vessels

95mL and 190mL amino acid vessels

Diluter/syringe delivery

Inert atmosphere system

Heating capability

Optional cooling

48 or 96 reactors

Easy-to-use windows software

Program-controlled variable speed vortex mixer

Synthesis of  1 – 96, 1 – 192, 1- 384 Peptides simultaneously

Precise Delivery of Amino Acids and Reagents Using Syringe

Fast Cycle Time Synthesizing 96 Peptides with High-Quality of Crude Peptide

Heating and Cooling Reactors

Synthesis of targets on scales from 1 mg – Grams

Utilize Optional Reactor Assemblies with Larger Reactor Volumes

Perform Unlimited Chemistry with any type of Protocol, such as Peptide, PNA, DNA, Sugar -Chemistry, or any type of Organic Chemistry

The Vantage Automated Parallel Peptide Synthesizer is specially designed to perform the unique reactions for forming modified peptides, such as stapled peptides, that have been recently reported. Allyl/Aloc de-protection, ring closing metathesis and peptide thioester preparation are a few examples of the new peptide production processes that the Vantage Automated Peptide Synthesizer can perform. The Vantage is equipped with an Ares reactor assembly that can cool to -35℃ and heat to 110℃ to facilitate a wide range of reactions. Heating and cooling in the Ares reactor is very uniform throughout the reactor assembly, with less than 1.5℃ variation between reactors.